CeeLite Reverts to Domestic Manufacturing

Ceelite-PicCeeLite Technologies, LLC has moved the production of its Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC) technology from Taiwan to a plant in Colmar, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. CeeLite®  LEC panels provide uniform surface light and an ultra-slim profile of less than one millimeter.

“To achieve uniformity, we must have a very tight handle on quality control and consistency in our manufacturing process. We found it both difficult and ultimately more expensive to safeguard that quality overseas,” said Dr. Roger Nowell, CEO of CeeLite Technologies. “Reliable and timely delivery of product was often an issue, as well. Now we can control the entire process completely, which results in a better product with short lead times and ultimately increased customer satisfaction.”

The move brings jobs to the Colmar facility, including management, which is headquartered there. According to CeeLite Technologies, potential spikes in production loom on the horizon because of the product’s unique lighting capabilities, energy efficiency, and green qualities. CeeLite also expects the number of jobs to swell to over 100 fairly quickly to meet increasing product demand in a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting and display sectors.

To assist in the transfer of manufacturing assets from Taiwan to the Colmar facility, the state of Pennsylvania committed $1.6 million from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development. This commitment also includes $150,000 from the Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority.

“The state assistance we received made it possible to open our new facility in Colmar, while providing the expansion space we need to achieve our growth goals in the years to come,” said Nowell.