Condé Adds Neenah Techni-Print EZP Transfer Paper

Condé Systems, Inc., an authorized distributor for Neenah Paper Company, is pleased to announce the addition of Neenah Techni-Print EZP Transfer Paper to its family of products for heat transfer.

Formulated to be a “cold-peel” transfer paper, Neenah Techni-Print EZP is a universal color laser transfer paper that is compatible with both inexpensive and high-speed color laser printers and color laser copiers. “Our goal is to showcase the versatility of Techni-Print EZP and how it allows users to begin producing digitally-decorated garments with only a minimal investment”, said Douglas DeWitt, product manager for Condé Systems.

Neenah Techni-Print EZP transfers digitally printed images onto white 100 percent cotton and 50/50 blended fabrics and is available in 8.5-inch-by-11-inch and 11-inch-by-17-inch paper sizes. Samples for printer and product testing are available upon request. Contact Condé Systems at (800) 826-6332 or visit