Cooper Signage & Graphics and qWayFind Alliance

csglogoCooper Signage & Graphics (CS&G) and qWayFind have recently entered into a strategic alliance to better serve the healthcare wayfinding needs of hospitals. CS&G, a leader in the field of healthcare wayfinding design and innovation, will be working with qWayFind on the development of enhanced wayfinding solutions for healthcare facilities.

“We are excited about this combination of our 25 years of experience in the field of healthcare wayfinding and qWayFind’s experience in the development of interactive, touch screen kiosks and mobile applications for use in the healthcare environment,” said Randy Cooper, President and CEO of CS&G. “The improvement of wayfinding at healthcare facilities helps to improve the patient and visitor experience and efficiency of their employees is becoming very important to healthcare leadership. The combination of emerging technologies and improved static signage systems will help hospitals to achieve that goal.”

CS&G is the leader in providing wayfinding solutions for healthcare facilities and their signage and wayfinding consulting solutions were awarded with the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association in 2008. Each hospital situation requires a unique strategy, and CS&G is able to assess the needs and produce appropriate products to satisfy any particular challenge. CS&G orchestrates the entire needs analysis through implementation of the signage system. CS&G investigates existing and projected user patterns, adapting or replacing signage elements as needed. CS&G supplies a comprehensive “blueprint” that becomes a living documentation of the signage system.