COT Holdings Upgrades to EFI Monarch MIS Product Suite


COT-LogoCOT Holdings Limited of Barbados is now running EFI Monarch and EFI PrintFlow® to streamline operations and reduce costs. The company is also using EFI PrinterSite® Internal and is currently installing EFI Digital StoreFront® and EFI Auto-Count® to bring greater efficiencies.

In business since 1975, COT Holdings provides full-service design, printing and marketing services to English-speaking customers in the Caribbean. The company has been steadily growing, in particular in package and wide-format printing. COT Holdings was a Prism user and then decided to make the switch to EFI Monarch.

“EFI Monarch is a very powerful, extraordinarily robust system, and we’re seeing huge gains in efficiencies, especially on the scheduling front with the integration to EFI PrintFlow,” said Nigel Worme, CEO and managing director of COT Holdings. “PrintFlow gives us a clear picture of the shop floor workflow, without the need to print and post schedules, which used to take up a lot of production management’s time each day.”

PrinterSite Internal is also providing COT Holdings with more accurate pricing and the ability to more quickly give estimates to customers, in turn increasing their satisfaction. The company is now installing the Digital StoreFront web-to-print platform and Auto-Count direct machine interface as the next steps in their operational improvement plan.

“Digital StoreFront will allow us to maximize our digital equipment investments,” says Worme. “It will reduce our estimating requirements and ensure consistent pricing for customers, while Auto-Count will further streamline our shop floor workflow. We look forward to getting the systems up and running soon.”