Digital Alternative to Whiteboard Transforms How Teams Brainstorm and Create to Accelerate Innovation

QuirkLogic, Inc. a provider of workplace productivity technology to help teams spark and grow big ideas, expects general availability of its real-time ideation solution, QuillaTM in July. More than a digital writing device, Quilla enables teams with multiple locations or remote workers to create and collaborate in new ways, formulating, capturing and sharing content-rich ideas in real-time, speeding time to innovation.

Unveiled in January at CES 2017, Quilla earned a place in ZDNet’s Top 10 Tech Products Revealed at CES and TechCrunch’s Top 5 Fascinating Things at Showstoppers. “The market is responding very favorably to our solution. It’s the only one built for conceptual work that enables users to simply walk up, grab a pen and use,” said Nashir Samanani, QuirkLogic’s co-founder and CEO. “Writing things out, which tends to cognitively engage the brain to trigger focus and creativity, is natural with Quilla and the powerful digital surface provides unlimited space to unbound creativity. Teams on the verge of breakthrough ideas aren’t interrupted by technology setup or boundaries. The Quilla technology is designed to just fade into the background that keep momentum going.”

Core to the Quilla tech stack are the E Ink electronic paper display (EPD) and electronic ink technologies, which ensure simplicity and familiarity—like pen on paper. Quilla is “always on” but consumes little power and is readable under direct sunlight, making it a good fit for the sustainable workplace. In addition, it’s lightweight (22 pounds) and runs on battery, so users can take the device to any huddle space and continue working in a seamless fashion.

A recent survey done in conjunction with IDG found that despite adoption of tools such as electronic whiteboards and web conferencing, large gaps still exist in important areas, including capturing, accessing and building on shared meeting content. According to the survey, “82 percent of respondents agree it is ‘very important’ or ‘critical’ that content is not lost when an employee leaves the company. But only 36 percent are ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ confident that their company is performing adequately in that area.”

Quilla is backed by a robust ecosystem that automatically saves and securely stores all content in the user’s library, so users can access, share and contribute to content anywhere. Collective ideas in notes, sketches and documents are managed as valuable corporate assets—no more lost organizational knowledge.

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