Effective, Versatile, and Easy to Use Laser Cutting System from Techno CNC Systems

Techno is proud to announce the unveiling of its new large format CNC Laser Cutting Systems. The laser models are available in an assortment sizes. Key features of Techno’s CNC laser cutter machine include all-steel construction, precision linear rails, and a state-of-the-art CO2 laser design that keeps the beam focus consistent ensuring high quality, accurate, and precision cutting.

The new laser features a micro stepper controller with an easy-to-use control console. This type of control system is maintenance free and optimizes the cutting speed and process improving work efficiency.

An additional key feature is the vertical blade table surface that is designed to limit reflective beam burn marks when cutting. The table includes a downdraft fume evacuation system and pull-out drawers, which provide easy access allowing finished parts to be removed. Techno’s new laser cutter includes a water chiller, which assures the laser operates at proper temperate.

Techno CNC’s new laser cutter is a versatile machine with a variety of laser head options. The laser wattage and feed rate determine how thick a piece of material can be cut. For example in marking applications, a low wattage, less expensive laser can be used. Many materials are suitable for laser cutting and engraving, including wood, plastic, fabric and gasket material, to name a few, making this system simple to switch from production cutting in a variety of materials.

Techno CNC’s laser machine accepts industry-standard graphic files, making it compatible with the most popular software packages.

To learn more about how this new CNC Laser Cutter can benefit your business and product quality or fill out the convenient online form for a free quote, visit www.technocnc.com.