Egan Sign Ramping Up and Relocating to Meet Growing Business Demand

Egan Sign, a national sign management and corporate rebranding company, announced today that continued growth in its sign management business has led to an increase in hiring along with a move from its Willow Street headquarters in Reading to new, larger facilities at 1100 Berkshire Blvd., Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.


“These new facilities will give us the much needed space to accommodate our current and projected growth,” said Bob Egan, chairman and CEO.


The expansion is being spearheaded by the company’s newly announced president, John Dever, who spent sixteen years leading the team at Bills Khakis and overseeing that company’s operations, finances and marketing strategy.


President John Dever said, “We are looking to 2016 to be Egan Sign’s strongest year ever. Sign management is a complex process. Our industry knowledge, well-defined processes, and highly trained personnel, give us the unique ability to ramp and take the angst out of sign management for our growing customer base.”


Dever also noted, “We continue to look for talented project managers with outstanding communication skills and the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.”


“The sign industry is experiencing explosive growth, in part due to mergers and acquisitions in key market segments, and Egan Sign has carefully positioned itself to handle this increased volume of activity,” said Bob Egan. “We are making a significant investment in both talent and technology in order to capitalize on these new market opportunities. And given his excellent managerial talents, John Dever is the perfect person to help me lead this effort.”


Other new hires include Doug Stine, marketing manager, and Art Orozco, graphics manager. Pat Langiotti, president of Creative Management Concepts, has been retained to work on an adjunct basis to assist the company in managing its growth.


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