EVERLINE Simplifies LED Driver Replacement

Universal Lighting Technologies’ EVERLINE® LED Drivers simplify driver replacement with a variety of options. As the industry is starting to see the need for field replacement, having the right replacement driver is critical. Drivers must be specifically selected with the precise current and power rating for optimal lighting and color performance. EVERLINE Drivers in the distribution channel make replacement quick and convenient.

Among the first drivers to be used in fixtures were 150W Drivers. 150W Drivers are ideal replacements for first generation outdoor drivers. EVERLINE’s 150W Constant Current Drivers are available in both UNV (120V277V) and UNV (347V480V) voltages, and with a variety of output current options.

“Driver designs are evolving in the lighting industry, but have yet to be standardized. The need for replacements for first generation products is emerging,” said Greg Bennorth, product manager for Universal. “As a market leader, Universal is common inside many of today’s outdoor lighting fixtures. EVERLINE has been a leader in the industry for many years and provides the easiest direct replacement on the market today.”

EVERLINE Drivers are designed for the latest generations of LED-based indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. EVERLINE Drivers feature a variety of controllable dimming options, including 0–10V Dimming, Step-Dimming, and tuning. Tunable output allows the driver output current to be factory set at lower currents to increase application coverage.

“Replacing a driver can be confusing because unlike ballasts, it is not a one-to-one replacement,” said Bennorth. “EVERLINE drivers include high to low wattage options, Constant Current and Constant Voltage options, and even Linear and Compact Form Factors.”

EVERLINE allows for easy replacement of high-power drivers such as those used for area/street lighting, flood and wall packs, gas station canopies and bay lighting. EVERLINE Constant Voltage LED Drivers are often used with sign applications. Different case configurations provide application flexibility, from small lower power 12V/20W to rugged 24V/100W IP67 ratings. EVERLINE Linear Drivers offer ease of replacement in general lighting troffers, high bay lighting and specialty fixtures. EVERLINE Compact Drivers offer ease of replacement in downlights track lighting and specialty fixtures.

The EVERLINE family of drivers from Universal Lighting Technologies is one of the most specified drivers used in fixtures in the lighting industry. The drivers are ideal for maximum energy savings and control applications. The products are proven in the field and feature high efficiency, constant current, high range or universal voltage, tunable output and dimming functionally.

For more information about EVERLINE Drivers or to contact Universal’s technical support team for LED driver replacement, visit www.unvlt.com.