GMG ProofControl 2.0 Launched with Extended Support

GMG ProofControl

GMG ProofControlGMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, announces it has released version 2.0 of ProofControl. GMG ProofControl delivers contract-quality verification of proofs in seconds, and makes color accuracy objectively measurable, immediately detecting the slightest color variation in a proof. The latest update supports verification of spot colors and GMG OpenColor profiles, as well as improving the user interface.

Using a spectrophotometer (external or automatically integrated within a printer), GMG ProofControl measures color bars in seconds. The resulting values are compared with target values stored in the system. All information, such as actual and target values, and the control reports are saved in a database, making it easily accessible. For all proofs within tolerance, a small adhesive label is printed. Users typically place the label on the back of each calibrated proof, assuring all who read the proof that it is within tolerance. In addition to supporting international standards, GMG ProofControl also lets users define their own quality criteria. So, users can define their own control strips, target values, measuring conditions and tolerances, which can be used as the basis for verification.

ProofControl 2.0 supports recent technology updates

“While GMG ProofControl still serves customers very well, an update was required to support some of the latest technologies. ProofControl 2.0 keeps the system’s reliability and well-known functionality, but adds new features such as verification of spot colors and GMG’s OpenColor profiles,” comments Victor Asseiceiro, Director Business Unit Packaging. “ProofControl 2.0 also has a user interface that users will find remarkably similar to that of GMG ColorProof.”

New GMG ProofControl 2.0 features include:

  • In GMG ProofControl 2.0, users can also measure and verify spot color strips and OpenColor profiles printed by GMG ColorProof.
  • With GMG ProofControl 2.0, there is faster data exchange with GMG ColorProof. As soon as GMG ColorProof prints a control strip, a measurement job will automatically appear in GMG ProofControl. Spot color definitions from the proof job and the correct reference are automatically selected for each strip.
  • Easy generation of custom GMG ProofControl standards by importing GMG MX color profiles.
  • ProofControl 2.0 supports the new X-Rite i1Pro 2 measuring device
  • A new user interface, similar to the look and feel of GMG ColorProof has been designed for greater ease-of-use.

“The proof is the most important tool for color communication in print production. It plays a decisive role for color corrections during data preparation and is also the color reference when approving the printing and for ink control on the press. So, those in the print supply chain need to be assured that the proof they are seeing corresponds to accurate tolerances,” explains Asseiceiro. “With GMG ColorProof you are already assured of exceptional quality. But how do you communicate it? GMG ProofControl confirms that quality to others. It is a key element in a networked and standardized work environment. It delivers contract-quality verification of proofs in a matter of seconds, and makes color accuracy objectively measurable.”