GSG Offers Cirrus Blade Programmable LED Display System

GSG now offers the Cirrus LED Systems Blade programmable LED display system. It is designed to be affordable, simple to install and use, and cost-efficient. Its modular format makes it possible to scale and assemble the Blade to any size. Patented Cirrus frame modules lock together for quick insertion of LED panels to create a thin, lightweight, and waterproof display with minimal installation time and costs. Completed displays can be installed side to side, back to back, or mounted flat.

The Blade can be accessed from the back or front, and the quick-connect power cord allows it and the data systems to be serviced in one twist. The LED panel features a health indicator that can be monitored remotely, and the frame is powder coated for durability.

The Blade system uses the LED Cloud as well as customized plug-ins, allowing users to control a number of displays from any Internet-connected device. Content from simple text to video can be updated instantly or streamed in real time. Cirrus also can remotely troubleshoot and repair your display on the fly. The Blade is available in 12mm, 16mm, and 19mm pitch resolutions to optimize viewing by customers.