Howard Industries: Perma-Banner Sign System Receives US Patent

Howard Industries is proud to announce their recently issued US Patent #8,863,419 for their Perma-Banner Sign System. Distinct from fabric banners, this revolutionary pole-banner sign system will not fray, tear, shred, crack or wrinkle due to the combination of the durable PolyMetal panel and uniquely engineered “No Fly Away” vertical mounting bracket.

The weather-resistant banner of PolyMetal material can be routed into custom shapes then adorned with solvent inkjet printed graphics having a UV protectant, making design possibilities endless for these long-lasting banners. The “No Fly Away” vertical mounting bracket eliminates lost banners, electrical hazards and utility damages while simultaneously allowing the banners to easily be changed for seasonal events.

The Perma-Banner Sign System is a great medium for marketing and branding campaigns throughout facilities, and can additionally provide navigational assistance to facility visitors.

With the only Five-Year Warranty in the industry, the Perma-Banner Sign System is perfect for parking areas in and around civic arenas, convention centers, auditoriums, stadiums, corporate and college campuses, shopping malls, retail plazas, high-rise buildings, airports, mass transit parking area, and more.

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