HP Latex 115 Series for Entrepreneurs, Small Sign Shops, and Copy Shops

HP Latex 115 Print and Cut also provides an end-to-end solution for producing applications such as labels, decals, stickers, customizable clothing, window graphics, and many more applications. The dual-device solution delivers simultaneous and continuous printing and cutting in a single, integrated workflow. HP Latex Print and Cut solutions were launched earlier this year on the HP Latex 300 series.

“The introduction of the HP Latex 115 products expands the HP market-leading portfolio of HP Latex printers with an attractive entry price point, making it easier than ever for newcomers to large format, small sign shops or copy shops willing to start or bring their business to the next level, and experience the benefits of water-based Latex printing technology,” said Joan Pérez Pericot, General Manager, HP Large Format Graphics Business, HP Inc.

Additionally, the printers enjoy seamless integration with HP Signage Suite and HP WallArt in the in the https://www.hpwallart.com/“>HP Applications Center, free online solutions for simple web-based, design and ordering of large-format jobs 24/7.

HP also announced new applications available in the HP Signage Suite for creating and ordering jobs for floor graphics, window graphics, vehicle graphics, and magnets.

The new HP Latex 115 printer offers:

• Easy, intuitive operation, with automatic maintenance as well as an X-axis cutter

• Prints that come out dry, odorless and ready for same day finishing and delivery thanks to water-based HP Latex technology

• High-quality production with high-resolution prints delivered by up to 1200 native dpi across a range of applications

• Six-color printing for high image quality and smooth transitions

The HP Latex 115 Print and Cut solution offers additional features:

• HP Latex Basic Cutter with HP barcode and Optical Positioning System (OPOS) for fast job recognition and reliable cutting

• Unique HP FlexiPrint and Cut RIP for optimized workflow management from a single point and with barcode integration.

HP 115 Printers and HP 115 print and cut solutions are not available in all regions. They are scheduled to be available in October for select countries in the Americas and EMEA, as well as Australia. Visit local HP Web sites for more information.

HP Latex printers deliver high image quality, productivity and durability, as well as environmental benefits and industry certifications. HP Latex printers help a range of customers, from small sign and copy shops to high-capacity PSPs, to affordably print a range of applications with no drying time for fast turnaround and installation.

The complete portfolio includes:

• HP Latex 300 series printers: the HP Latex 315, 335 and 365 printers deliver high image quality, productivity and durability at high speed for same day delivery.

• HP Latex 315 and 335 print and cut solutions for high-capacity printing and cutting.

HP Latex 560 and 570 printers help customers manage a variety of high quality print jobs and last-minute high-volume peaks in production at a low upfront investment.

• The HP Latex 1500 Printer offers a robust, affordable solution for high quality super-wide indoor and outdoor applications.

• The HP Latex 3200 and 3600 printers are ideal for high-volume, high-quality application production, enabling unattended operation as a single operator can manage up to four printers simultaneously.

More information about HP Latex printers is available at hp.com/go/latex. Follow HP Latex on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and LinkedIn.