i-cut to Feature i-cut Vision Pro 7.1 at ISA

i-cut_logoi-cut, Inc. will be introducing i-cut Vision version 7.1 during the ISA International Sign Expo 2011, from April 28-30 in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the i-cut, inc. booth (#2415), the company will also feature its most popular consumable products from the icuttools.com Web site. To promote the new software and online store, a number of special product promotions are available from the show floor.

During ISA, the i-cut Vision Pro 7.1 system will be demonstrated on a Trotec Speedy 300 CO2 flatbed premium-class laser engraver. The system can be used as a laser engraver or laser cutting machine. It was created with an exceptional, innovative design with high-quality components.

Vision control is necessary for digital finishing systems, because all printed materials contain size, rotation, and scaling distortions that will produce inaccurate digital die cutting, if not corrected. i-cut Vision’s patented means of distortion compensation enables digital cutting systems to produce error-free results. Print runs from just one sheet to thousands are contour-cut reliably, precisely, and economically.

i-cut Vision Pro is a fully integrated hardware and software solution that turns a digital cutting table into a true, short-run production system, utilizing a camera system that individually adjusts cut files to perfectly match printed graphics. With industry-leading vision registration, powerful dynamic routing, an intuitive user interface, and true production workflow, i-cut Vision Pro is the world standard in finishing.

New to i-cut Vision Pro 7.1 is Adaptive Registration (patent pending), a feature that intelligently reduces the number of registration marks read throughout the production, increasing productivity without sacrificing accuracy.  Using Vision Pro 7.1, print material specifications are taken from the work stream – including cutting keys that supply operators with optimized tool settings and blade/bit recommendations – and are processed with preset cutting parameters. This makes the finishing set-up extremely easy and simplifies the tasks necessary for starting each unique job. Subsequently, set-up times are minimal—and in many cases, virtually eliminated.

i-cut Vision 7.1 comes with a number of new features. They include:

* The ability to automatically eliminate overcuts in sensitive materials such as foam, Reboard, and PSA film, by cutting away from inside corners.

* A Global Cutting Key library allows a number of devices to share the same cutting key libraries.

* Copies can be added or removed during production, so that the remaining copies can be adjusted without canceling the current production run.

* Multi-passing for lasers—automatically repeats layers many times to cut dense materials.

* Keep Sequence—maintain sequencing in imported files as defined by ArtiosCAD and other high-end CAD applications.

Aside from the i-cut Vision Pro 7.1 systems, a number of popular products from icuttools.com will be available at the booth, including popular blads, bits, and software products. Visitors will also receive a 10% off coupon for all consumable products available on icuttools.com.

Consumables are not the only items available at a special prince. During ISA, upgrades to i-cut Vision Pro 7.1 will be available for $1,000, which is $500 off the regular price. Only customers who purchase the system on the ISA show floor will receive the special price. Also, anyone who purchases a new complete i-cut vision system will receive a free hardware kit, worth $2,500.