Industry Manufacturers join together to feature Workflow of the Future at SGIA

Tucanna, the developer of tFLOW digital and large format automation workflow software has spearheaded the effort to create partnerships with innovative industry manufacturers to demonstrate that true Workflow Automation is finally available in the grand format printing industry.

Tucanna will showcase their “Automation Hub”, at SGIA, which ties together Aleyant Web-to-Print & MIS software, tFlow digital automation workflow and Impostrip Auto Imposition. These combined software packages offer an end-to-end automation solution that can help users save time, costs, and improve overall productivity.

Bringing it home to showcase applicability in a real print shop environment, will be the partnership between Tucanna, Global Imaging, PrinterEvolution, Novus, Caldera, Onyx, Ergosoft, and Zünd. Files will be submitted through the Automation Hub, automatically sent to Global Imaging, ripped via Caldera Software, and sent to print on the Novus UV flatbed and PrinterEvolution textile printers. The files will be auto prepped for cutting at the Zünd booth and can be returned to Global Imaging for finishing on Impulsa industrial sewing equipment.

“The partnership here is between companies who have been dedicated to creating solutions for their customers, rather than just products for the industry. We will provide SGIA attendees with an opportunity to really understand applicable use of the software and hardware products showcased, rather than trying to digest individual demonstrations,” quoted Darrian Young, founder and President of Tucanna.

Tara Lamb, president of Global Imaging states, “We believe this will be a powerful example of how industry manufacturers can work more closely together to create clear solutions for the users of their products. We want our customers to leave the show floor feeling like they have been educated and have a deep understanding of how to make the products they saw at the show, work in their own print environments. Investing in capital equipment and software solutions are impactful business decisions. Our philosophy is that we want to carry the best products to offer our customers, but on top of that, we want to provide the education to make informed business decisions.”

To see the process from start to finish, SGIA attendees can set appointments by finding a link on the Global Imaging website that will lead them to an appointment request form. In a typical trade show environment attendees can be overwhelmed with the onslaught of new technologies, speeds, feeds, features and product comparisons. Global Imaging representatives will escort guests through the booths for live demonstrations of the automated workflow, answering questions and providing an in-depth understanding of how workflow automation can be easily and effectively implemented.