Innovative Sign Display System Designed to Revolutionize the Temporary Signage Industry

EZ StepEZ Step Products has begun selling its innovative sign display system at, on, and via select wholesale partners.

Inventor and company President Terry Nelson felt strongly about making EZ Step Products—American made and overbuilt by design—available nationwide.
“Today’s temporary signs look fantastic,” Nelson says, “but the supports backing those gorgeous signs rarely measure up. Our new sign display system—fast, versatile, adjustable, and oh so rugged—essentially makes temporary signs permanent. Set-up and takedown takes only minutes, and in between your signs will stand tall through thick and thin.”

Temporary Signage, Permanent Strength

By combining the system’s three military-grade parts, each designed to last for years in sun and weather, you can quickly and easily install one sign (or multiples), front-facing (or double-sided), in any adjustable direction, from ground level to four feet or more, without hammers or post pounders.

In soil, sand, or turf, with the EZ Step Sign Display System you’ll be open for business in three easy steps. First, “step” our patented EZ Step-In Post into the ground (Midnight Black or Safety Orange). You now have a four-foot-tall solid steel support post for any and all of your temporary signs. It won’t tip over and it won’t rotate in the ground. Next, slide one or more of our adjustable sign connectors onto the post. Third, attach your sign(s) to the connectors with galvanized screws (semi-permanent signs) or with our patent-pending EZ Ring supports (for temporary signs).

Once attached you can position your signs up and down the full height of the post and rotate them in any direction.

“There’s no other system that provides this level of flexibility, speed, and ease of use,” says Nelson, “so why be limited by inflexible, traditional sign supports?”

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