Justin Pate Releases New Instructional DVDs

PateProfessional car wrap installer Justin Pate has created two new vehicle graphic installation DVDs. The DVDs, “Advanced Wrapping” and “Speedwrapping™,” are geared for the intermediate and professional installer. Both DVDs fall under the “Techniques and Tips” training series platform.

“Advanced Wrapping” covers, in detail, how to wrap the more complex aspects of vehicles. In 118 minutes, Pate covers: cutting perfect corners, door handles, mirrors, wheel wells, antennae, rubber molding, bumpers, and problem solving. In this DVD, installers will gain new insight on how to wrap complex application surfaces that will instill confidence and help ensure quality, durability, and efficiency.

“Speedwrapping™” is geared to help the entire sign shop. To ensure profits, all aspects of the wrap process must work seamlessly: design, production, and installation. Pate shows how all three work together to ensure low installation times, few mistakes, and higher profits. Included in this DVD is a segment on fleet wrapping, which is made possible by Speedwrapping™.

In addition, in “Speedwrapping™”, Pate includes Hardware Removal XL. This segment shows how to remove all hardware and wrap them.

These new DVDs, along with Techniques and Tips: Vehicle Graphic Installations and the Flexifelt buffer, can be purchased at: www.learntowrapcars.com and Signwarehouse.com.

At www.learntowrapcars.com:
    -Buy any 2 Techniques and Tips DVDs for $99.
    -Buy all three Technique and Tips DVDs for $149 and receive a copy of “Speedwrap Xtra” for free.
    -All orders include a free squeegee and Flexifelt buffer.
    -Free shipping to anywhere in the world!

Pate has been wrapping cars for 15 years and has wrapped over 2,500 cars. He currently works as the installer for Mutoh and Avery Dennison’s Car Wrap Class using Universal Graphics Installation System (UGIS).