Keystone Technologies Expands Product Line with Direct Drive HiCRI LED Tubes

Keystone Technologies has introduced an LED tube with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) rating greater than 90. DirectDrive HiCRI tubes increase visual acuity by producing brighter, truer colors, especially reds and whites. They are a drastic improvement over both fluorescent tubes and standard LED tubes, which typically have 80 CRI or less.

“Color rendering is extremely important in many commercial and retail settings,” said Josh Brown, VP of Distributor Sales. “Whether you’re buying a sofa, selecting an apple, or choosing a paint color for your car, your visual experience greatly influences your decision. Keystone’s DirectDrive HiCRI lamps are a win-win, providing both truer color presentation and impressive energy savings.”

Keystone’s DirectDrive HiCRI LED tubes are 40 perent more energy-efficient than equivalent fluorescent tubes. Built with DirectDrive technology, the HiCRI tubes bypass the ballast and connect directly to line voltage. Shatterproof glass construction means the tubes are durable and safety-approved for food service areas like restaurant kitchens, grocery stores and school cafeterias.

“Keystone has a broad customer base, and we are dedicated to accommodating their evolving demands,” noted Ira Greenberg, CEO of Keystone. “Our DirectDrive HiCRI tube will meet a wide variety of needs and requests. We make it a priority to provide solutions to our distributors and OEMs – that’s Light Made Easy.”

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