Litetronics® Debuts New Online and Print Full-line Product Catalog for 2015

Litetronics®, pace-setting manufacturer of innovative energy-saving light sources and advanced lighting equipment for economical retrofit and/or new commercial applications, has announced availability of its brand-new Full-Line Product Catalog for 2015. Both online and printed versions are available.

This 78-page, color Full-Line Product Catalog presents a fully illustrated overview with product images of Litetronics® entire broad and growing line of LED, CCFL, CFL, Linear Fluorescent, HID, Metal Halide/High Pressure Sodium, Halogen, and Incandescent light bulbs.

Litetronics® Full-Line Product Catalog is divided into sections by lamp category. Each section begins with a Features and Benefits description for all lamps within that section, followed by illustrated tables displaying the choice of bases and lamp shapes available for that lamp category. Remaining pages in each product section detail individual lamp models and include the Markets and Applications best suited as well as the specific benefits of the model, including a table for each detailing specifications.

The ending section of the 2015 Litetronics® Full-Line Product Catalog encompasses a convenient Glossary of graphical color “feature” icons, definitions of lighting terms, as well as a useful Lamp-Shape Measurement chart.

The Full-Line Product Catalog can be viewed on line at: