LuciteLux and Raydoor produce lasting frosted beauty with Myst®

When the team at Raydoor needed a translucent, durable material to make their signature sliding walls and doors, they turned to LuciteLux® acrylic. The result of this early collaboration was LuciteLux® Myst®, a material with all the benefits of a frosted material but with a glossy finish.

NYC-based Raydoor designs and manufactures lightweight, strong and beautifully elegant sliding systems that transform rooms into more functional and flexible spaces. Their innovative TwinFrameT panel design uses acrylic as a structural component of the door, making it strong and durable, yet light in weight. Raydoor’s go-to acrylic remains LuciteLux® Myst®, which permits light to shine through while providing privacy.

“Designers love our doors with clear frosted acrylic because the natural translucency keeps the focus on their design – red rooms glow red, and beams of sunlight streak shadows of white, yellow and orange across a room as the sun changes hue throughout the day,” said Luke Siegel, president of Raydoor. “Frosted materials we used prior to working with Lucite International to develop Myst® were too vulnerable to scratches and fingerprints. This meant limited sales in commercial and hospitality markets where durability is paramount. With Myst®, now we have the frosted appearance permanently manufactured into the acrylic sheet instead of on the surface.”

LuciteLux® Myst® is glossy on both sides making it easy to keep clean and maintain – minor marks can even be repaired or simply buffed away. Factor in strength and durability and it’s a clear winner for high-traffic environments. Its uncomplicated beauty is also retained through any processing or imaginative fabrication technique, including thermoforming, laser cutting, routing, drilling, engraving and more.

Earlier this week Raydoor won product of the year at the Boutique Design New York Expo (BDNY) with doors featuring Myst®. What can Myst® do for your designs? It is ideal for a range of applications including architecture, retail displays, interior design and lighting.