Magic Introduces Renew 100 Percent Recyclable Non-woven Banner

Coveris™ Advanced Coatings Digital Imaging division, a global market leader in the development and fulfillment of high performance digital imaging substrates, announced the introduction of Magic RENEW non-woven PET banner today.

RENEW is a printable, lightweight, durable, non-woven PET banner with a textured, matte surface. RENEW can be hung from ceilings, fences, scaffolding, etc. It can also be used to create customizable pennants. It is the perfect alternative to vinyl (which is known for being environmentally harmful) and other banner materials. It is also priced significantly lower than most banners resulting in a significant savings. This product is made from recycled plastic bottles making it 100 percent recyclable!

Magic RENEW is available in sizes ranging from 54 inches-by-75 feet to 60 inches-by-one yard.

All sizes are on three-inch cores and have a width tolerance of +/- 0.5 inches. 75-inch rolls have a seven-inch outer diameter and 200-inch rolls have a 12-inch outer diameter.

“We are very excited about RENEW! This is truly a one of a kind banner that is both affordable and recyclable! It is a unique product that is sure to exceed everyone’s expectations,” said Tamara Pitman, product manager of Digital Imaging at Coveris Advanced Coatings. She continues, “Believe it or not, this product can be recycled back into plastic bottle form. All you have to do is return your old RENEW banner to your local recycling center in the bottle collection area!”

To learn more about RENEW please visit the product page here: