Matte Silver VinylEfx in Decorative & Durable Series


RTape_LogoRTape Corp., an industry leader in manufacturing application tapes and specialty films, announces the introduction of its Matte Silver VinylEfx® metalized films, available in both Decorative and Durable series.

The matte finish presents an elegant and appealing high-tech appearance. Its metalized surface attracts the viewer’s attention without distracting from the marketing message.

The new vinyl films are perfect for a variety of graphics applications. Decorative series films are ideal for indoor applications, such as wall graphics, tradeshow posters, point-of-purchase displays and museum graphics. Durable series films are suitable for outdoor graphics, providing up to three years exterior durability.

If you can print on vinyl, you can print on RTape’s new matte silver.

Unlike silver polyesters, VinylEfx® films require no special top coating.

The films are printable using thermal transfer, solvent, ecosolvent and UV inkjet digital print technologies. VinylEfx® films are also printable using solvent-based and UV curable screen print inks.

Sizes Available:

15-inch-by-10-yard rolls (punched) (38 cm-by-9.14 m)

15-inch-by-50-yard rolls (punched) (38 cm-by-45.7 m)

24-inch-by-10-yard rolls (61 cm-by-9.14 m)

24-inch-by-50-yard rolls (61 cm-by-45.7 m)

48-inch-by-10-yard rolls (122 cm-by-9.14 m)

48-inch-by-50-yard rolls (122 cm-by-45.7 m)

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