Maximum Durability: Omega-Bond Premium Aluminum Composite Panels

Omega-Bond Premium features a .012-inch (.3mm) aluminum skin thickness with a higher quality plastic core that is best suited for fabricated applications including Architectural Signage, Exhibition Stands, Fascias, Canopies, Car Dealerships, Banks, Restaurants, Car Parks, Retail Shops, Directional and Informational Signage, etc.

The thicker gauge aluminum is optimal to achieve best results for fabrication projects since routing and bending the panels is now easily accomplished. The .012-inch aluminum provides structural strength and allows three-dimensional shapes to be attained without an inner support or frame.

Maximum durability is achieved since the solid polyethylene core has fewer impurities and lesser recycled content. This allows bending and cutting without breaking the core during the fabrication process.

Panels are available in two-sided, white, four-by-eight-foot and five-by-ten-foot sheets and are specially treated for optimal flatness before and after bending, by taking out all possible tension/stress from the panel itself.

Laminators Incorporated, a leading manufacturer for over fifty years, offers of a complete line of composite panels for the commercial construction and sign making industries in the United States and Canada. Laminators’ lightweight systems are exceptionally strong and durable and provide various application solutions making the panels quick and easy for users to fabricate and install. Laminators Incorporated is committed to providing value through high quality products, innovative application solutions ,and superior customer service.

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