Mounting Applications Simplified with MultiTac High Tack Double-Sided Adhesive

Drytac, an international manufacturer of adhesive-coated products, markets an extensive line of mounting adhesives for the sign and graphics industry. Most notable is its latest addition, MultiTac™ High Tack, a versatile double-sided mounting adhesive for a variety of mounting applications.

MultiTac High Tack is a permanent, high tack acrylic adhesive available in clear or white. Due to its aggressive bond, MultiTac High Tack is an optimal choice for mounting to difficult or irregular substrates such as Gatorboard™ or Dibond®. The white version also aids in mounting to darker substrates because of its excellent opacity.

This product is manufactured in Drytac’s new adhesive coating facility in Toronto, Canada and is distributed worldwide.

“MultiTac High Tack highlights the very best of what you’ve come to expect from Drytac adhesives,” notes Nate Goodman, Product Manager. “It is functional yet distinct, easy to use, and offers unsurpassed quality.”

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