New ILFORD OMNIJET Profiles for Canon printers

ilfordILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH, long recognized for creating innovative, quality photographic materials, just released new ICC profiles created to achieve optimal results when using the OMNIJET range on the latest Canon wide format printers. Available for free at, the ICC profiles developed by ILFORD technicians allow commercial print professionals to achieve optimal results, which accurately reflect true photographic images.

The two new, high-speed color large format printers launched by Canon offer fresh possibilities for the commercial print market. The Canon iPF6300S and iPF8300S are designed to provide broad workflow compatibility and wide color gamut quality in 24 and 44-inch sizes.

Created especially for the commercial marketplace, OMNIJET offers a diverse line of media perfect for posters, pop-up and roll-up displays, as well as backlit displays. The range includes a variety of weights and widths of photo quality satin, glossy, or matte media as well as clear, white, or translucent film.

The ILFORD Research and Development team is committed to ensuring commercial professionals are able to maximize their results when printing on OMNIJET media. Technicians specialized in creating color profiles have developed optimal settings, which override standard printer settings to enable consistent premium prints that reflect the true capabilities of both the Canon printers and the OMNIJET media.

Impressive tones, from warm ruby reds to crisp cool blues, will attract clients and customers alike. The rich colors and sharp contrast commercial print professionals can achieve is due, in part, to the carefully defined ILFORD ICC profiles.

Ensuring the ICC profiles are easy to select and use, a detailed ReadMe file is available in the profile download section of the ILFORD Web site, walking professionals through the setting process.

“The commercial print market is a key segment for us,” shares Marion Meissner, leader of Print and Test Service at ILFORD. “We mark our commitment to this market with ICC profiles that are constantly updated based on new printers on the market. Not only do our well researched ICC profiles guarantee top quality results with each print, the consistency these profiles provide offer increased efficiency and reduced waste for our customers in the highly competitive commercial printing market.”