Océ Helps Sign Shops Choose the Right Printer


OcePR_PicChoosing the right printer to fit a print service provider’s specific needs can be a bit complex. Potential buyers need to not only find the style and model that suits their business today, but that will also accommodate future growth.

Océ has published the guide “Choosing the Right UV Flatbed Printer” to make buying a printer a bit easier. The guide walks buyers through all aspects of UV flatbed technology so they can make intelligent, informed decisions. It covers the following topics:

  • Printer format: hybrid moving bed vs. true flatbed

This section explores in detail the pros and cons of both architectures, including considerations such as footprint and total cost of applications for a UV system.

  • Printhead technology: grayscale vs. fixed droplet

UV printers use piezoelectric inkjet technology in one of two formats: grayscale (a.k.a. variable dot) or fixed droplet. This section explains and illustrates the differences of these two approaches.

  • Operational considerations

Topics such as ink costs, power consumption, user maintenance requirements, and environmental considerations are explored in this section.

  • Service and support

Buying a printer isn’t just about installing and running hardware, particularly for print service providers that rely on their printers for their livelihoods. What happens when there is a problem? This section suggests thoughtprovoking questions buyers should ask of printer vendors to help ensure peace-of-mind after the purchase.

  • Curing technology

Digital inkjet printing technology is constantly evolving. In the UV inkjet world, mercury vapor lamps have been the standard, but there’s a new technology available as well: UV-LED. This section reviews and illustrates the pros and cons of each technology so buyers can choose the right one for today’s applications as well as future needs.

  • Inks – do you really need white?

This section discusses the questions print service providers should ask of themselves – and of printer vendors – when considering adding white ink capability.

  • Before the print: which RIP to use?

The RIP is a vital part of the flatbed printing workflow. On this topic, the guide outlines some features to consider and offers a list of things to look for in a good RIP.

Users can download the “Choosing the Right UV Flatbed Printer” guide at http://www.oceusa.com/DGguideNB.