Peerless-AV Celebrates Seventy-five Years of Innovation in AV

Peerless-AV®, a leader in digital signage solutions, is proud to announce the commemoration of the company’s seventy-fifth anniversary. Peerless-AV, originally known as Peerless Industries, first opened its doors in 1941 in Illinois, and in honor of this achievement, the company will be celebrating its decades of innovation and adherence to its core values.

The company’s famed early innovation, the first known CRT TV wall mount, also recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. Designed for various applications, including hospitality, restaurants and bars, and home entertainment, the Model 1100 supported 17-inc and 19-inch TV sets weighing up to 60 pounds. It also featured a swivel bracket with the ability to turn 40 degrees.

“Reaching these milestones are important moments for us at Peerless-AV and we are happy to celebrate this anniversary with our customers and partners in the AV space,” said John Potts, president of Peerless-AV. “We are thankful for the opportunity to continue providing solutions to our loyal customer base and we look forward to another seventy-five years of developing reliable and innovative solutions.”

In the seventy-five years since Peerless-AV opened its doors, the company has celebrated many milestones—from extending its product line to include mounting hardware in 1978, to opening a 38,000 square foot plant in Mexico in 1995, to launching the Jumbo 2000 mount in 1999 and the Plasma, LCD, and projector mount lines in 2003, to creating the Xtreme™ Outdoor Soundbar, the first powered outdoor soundbar on the market, in 2016.

2009 marked the launch of major developments for the company with the acquisition of BBG in the UK. The following year the company opened its Aurora, Illinois location, launched its first non-mount product (HD Flow™ Wireless AV System), debuted video wall mounts, and rebranded itself as Peerless-AV.

In the years since, while the company continues to develop mounts, Peerless-AV has added an Emerging Technology Group (2011), launched the PeerAir™ (2012), acquired Cill™ Technologies (2013), an outdoor TV manufacturer, and launched a kiosk division (2014), expanding its repertoire of expertise to encompass a multitude of AV technologies. And, with seventy-five years under its belt, Peerless-AV is proud of its unrivaled reputation for quality AV innovations, as the very word “peerless” suggests.

“Marking the seventy-fifth anniversary of our company, a place that has stayed true to its roots since the beginning, brings a great deal of pride to our team,” said Nick Belcore, Executive Vice President of Peerless-AV. “We are one of the only manufacturers in the AV industry that has not been acquired, merged, or shut down, and that speaks volumes to our ability to maintain our vision of providing quality manufacturing, exceptional customer service, and pioneering products that have stood the test of time.”

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