Poyant Replicates Iconic Charlestown Sign

Poyant, a New Bedford sign manufacturer and branding specialist, recently designed, fabricated, and installed a replica of the landmark neon-illuminated Schrafft’s sign in Charlestown.

Poyant worked with the building owner The Flatley Company to create a new, more energy-efficient, LED-illuminated sign to replace the aging neon sign that graced three sides of the clock tower of the former candy factory built in 1928.

This legendary building at 529 Main Street in Charlestown was formerly the manufacturing site of the famous Schrafft’s Candy Factory. It was purchased and renovated by The Flatley Company in 1984. The building is considered a Boston landmark with its distinctive neon sign and beautiful water views.

Poyant was contracted by The Flatley Company to refurbish the aging sign. Poyant re-created this iconic landmark exactly as it was with one major modern change: high-efficiency GE Lighting System customized to replicate the exact shape of neon tubing, reducing the energy lighting cost by 90 percent. Poyant also replaced the mounting supports and catwalk system for the new sign to make it more structurally sound. The sign has the same look and feel but it is now much more efficient and will last another eighty-eight years. The project was completed at the end of December 2016.

The 529 Main Street building is currently undergoing renovations and updates that will include a new entrance, lobby, waterfront, and landscaping upgrades. Poyant is working with The Flatley Company and CBT Architects to fabricate, install, and maintain all of the exterior wayfinding throughout the new City Center Campus for the next phase of the project.

View a video of the project video.