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It’s more than simply the shirt color of our favorite sign maker!

Forgive us if we sound a bit cynical, but we take our environmental performance seriously. Look behind the logos, the slogans and the clever plastic bottle counters and what do you find? With Precision Board Plus its hard data. Make a meaningful environmental statement and craft your signs with Precision Board Plus HDU.

    · Certified with 18.9% Rapidly Renewable Resource content

    · Certified Carbon Balance of 3:1

    · Precision Board Plus now assists in meeting LEED requirements for
                                      obtaining USGBC and ICC 700-2008 building credits

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Remarkable Quality at an Extraordinary Price!

ORAJET® Series 3751RA Wrapping Cast with RapidAir® Technology is an ideal choice for challenging vehicle wraps that features a low initial tack and repositionable adhesive, cast construction, and an advanced air release system for highly conformable performance over difficult curves, corrugations and rivets. Series 3751RA is an 8-year, 2.25-mil film with a smooth surface producing vivid, life-like prints that can be removed with little or no adhesive residue for up to four years. Recommended for use with ORAGUARD® Series 290, 290F and 293 laminating films.

ShopBot: Engraving Precision

Don’t let the small size fool you.  The ShopBot Desktop offers: 

            • Engraving-level precision
            • Power and rigidity to handle wood, foam, plastic, aluminum – just about anything
            • Signmaking add-ons such as plotter pen, drag knife, and etching accessories
            • ShopBot-compatible software
            • Knowledgeable and friendly customer service

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For Engravers, By Engravers: Gravograph’s LaserStyle & GravoStyle™ Version 7

Gravograph announces LaserStyle & GravoStyle™ version 7, a professional CAD/CAM engraving and lasering platform designed for engravers by engravers. Whether you are personalizing gifts, producing ADA compliant signage, or making industrial tags and panels, GravoStyle™ 7 is the smart solution. The many help aids and guided wizards minimize errors and speed production. What’s new: Enhanced help system with videos; additional wizards and guided help to minimize errors; downloadable stroked engraving fonts as you need them; handwritten dedications with Dedicace™ technology for the unique gift; 3D level options for that extra dimension needed in signage, metal stamps, jewelry, & more; lasering parameters to quickly process Gravograph engraving materials; and enhanced interaction with CorelDraw to be able to utilize the best of both. For more information, visit

Create Powerful Backgrounds with Chemetal.

Metal Designs from Chemetal are great for interior signage backgrounds and letters. Many Chemetal designs are solid aluminum, so they can be easily formed, and you can create cleaner edges and sharper letters. Shown here is 504 Grasshopper in a Real Red Tint. It’s one of 150 Tint combinations Chemetal offers in its collection of over 200 metal designs that includes anodized aluminums, copper and brass oxidations, deeply brushed metals, and more. Visit us to see them all at

3M Commercial Graphics

Create amazing window effects with 3M
Scotchcal™ Clear View Graphic Film IJ8150.

  • Completely transparent and optically clear
  • Conformable and durable; no edge tape!
  • Compatible with inkjet and screen printing; UV, solvent, and latex
  • Print see-through graphic effects; no holes in film!
  • Create sandblasted and etched glass effects using white ink

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Modularity Meets Imagination!  

Curved-face sign products have saturated the market for years as essentially the only viable solution for displaying a wide range of sign materials, notably digitally printed graphics. Arris provides a flat, well designed, low-profile alternative that does everything a curved product does and more! Able to accommodate a wide range of sign display materials, Arris is designer-friendly yet offers all the functional benefits of a true modular product. The Arris product is comprised of two unique assemblies, each designed to provide maximum cost effectiveness and design flexibility for specific types of signs. With both assemblies combined into one comprehensive, uniform system, Arris provides ideal solutions for all interior signage needs, from personnel signs and room identification to directories, ceiling signs, and kiosks. For more information, contact Arris at, 888/744-6731, or [email protected].

ClearPath Offers ColorHues Signage Material 

ClearPath Signage Systems’ NEW ColorHues™ lightweight signage material exudes brilliant hues of color with the smooth, clean look of glass. ColorHues™ cell cast acrylics are well suited as a substrate or accent element in signage applications and are easily embellished with stand-offs. Offered in 19 popular translucent and opaque tones, ColorHues™ is laser, rotary, and Braille engravable. It is scratch resistant with high-impact strength. Enter coupon code NOVTEN at ClearPath’s online checkout today to receive 10% off any ColorHues™ cell cast acrylic through December 16th! For more information about ColorHues™ or the ColorHues™ jump chain, call 866-953-2777 or visit

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