Sizing Template Measures Loose or Attached Grommets


MetalGrommets_1A handy plastic template that takes the guesswork out of sizing metal grommets for fabricating and repairing awnings, tents, banners, curtains, and draperies is available from of Raynham, Massachusetts.

The GROMMETsizer™ Template features holes and markings for determining the I.D. and flange size of metal grommets.

Allowing users to quickly identify grommets from #XX00 to #12 without guesswork, it is made from heavy-duty clear vinyl, with easy to read print, for sizing loose or attached grommets.

Developed to save time and speed production, the GROMMETsizer™ Template includes a chart with dimensions for each grommet size after setting, a centering rule in centimeters, a rule in inches, list of common conversions, and a handy corner hole for hanging.

The GROMMETsizer™ Template sells for $4.99 and for a limited time is available free from

Private labeling to the trades with custom imprinting is offered; pricing is provided upon request.