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Daktronics DD2499894

Daktronics DD2499894The Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, a Trump Entertainment Resort, welcomed its newest form of dazzling marketing entertainment to the famed Atlantic City Boardwalk in early January 2013 with a new LED video display system from Daktronics and SSI Creative Group.

Trump Taj Mahal’s new 10 mm LED video display measures approximately 12 feet high-by-11 feet wide and features a fully sealed, robust cabinet design to ensure it performs reliably in its coastal environment. Built for high performance, all Daktronics outdoor LED video displays have multiple layers of outdoor defense, including protection against extreme cold, blistering heat, corrosive salt, and punishing precipitation.

Brad Wiemann, vice president of commercial and transportation business for Daktronics stated that “when the SSI Creative Group selected us to customize a video display system for the Taj Mahal property in Atlantic City, we suggested our industry-leading display to compliment the true elegance of the Trump property. This product offers the most advanced weather defense solutions, crisp image views at close distances, and would complement the true elegance of the Trump property.”

“When SSI was tapped to do the Atlantic City Taj Mahal video display project, we knew we needed equipment that must withstand the unstable coastal environment that Atlantic City experiences, while offering the most advanced close range resolution of any display system in the marketplace. Daktronics offered that complete package for our customer’s branding expansion,” said Chuck Jacques, president of SSI Creative Group.

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