Ten New Digital Billboards for Las Vegas


DakVegasBillboardLas Vegas Billboards in Las Vegas, Nevada recently updated its digital billboards with ten Daktronics models. The new LED billboards were placed in prime locations around the city.

The decision to change out the billboards came after Las Vegas Billboards had a number of equipment issues with their previous digital supplier. “We were spending a lot of time replacing failing modules,” said Jim Wilkins, field operations manager at Vision Sign, the company that installed some of the displays and that services all of Las Vegas Billboards’ digital displays. “We had to first remove the power supply from the back of the display to get to the module. In contrast, a Daktronics module and its attached power supply can be removed in about four seconds.” 

In addition to a more reliable product, Las Vegas Billboards looked for a company that offered monitoring solutions to reduce overall service costs. “Daktronics boards are known for their quality and for built-in diagnostics. We knew we could reduce our outages and service time as well as get a better value,” said Chad Harris, director of operations at Las Vegas Billboards.

Since the install, the new digital billboards have exceeded Las Vegas Billboards’ expectations. “We have the cleanest, sharpest displays in Las Vegas. Customers are extremely impressed with the image quality,” said Harris “If all goes well, we hope to convert more of our static billboards to Daktronics digital billboards in the future.”