The Trade Group Launches the New Siena Island Display

The Dallas-based exhibit house and event marketing services provider is adding a new line of custom-looking island exhibits for the price conscious.

The Trade Group is adding three new island exhibits this year for the trade show exhibitor that wants to make a big impact on a smaller budget. Generic trade show displays disappear on the trade show floor and don’t deliver the traffic exhibitors need to meet lead generation and revenue goals. On the other hand, custom exhibits can become cost-prohibitive for event marketers who are juggling shrinking budgets or need to be in two places at the same time.

The first of the three is the 20-by-20-foot METALLI® Siena, and it is available for purchase or rental. It is a high-end, custom-looking, island exhibit at an affordable price.

Time-tested aluminum extrusions offer flexibility and cost-savings

Over the years, The Trade Group has continued to enhance the flexibility of the METALLI line’s signature, time-tested, aluminum extrusion system.

It is easy to modify the functionality of the Siena island exhibit, because the modular aluminum extrusions were designed to accommodate a variety of accessories, including shelving, video monitors, kiosks, graphics and more.

Since the sturdy extrusions require no special modifications to install a video monitor here or a branded graphic there, the Siena can be customized in a cost-effective fashion for a trade show exhibit rental or purchase.

In addition, the Siena display requires no rigging, unless the complementary hanging sign is chosen.

Island design with dual bridge feature offers high-end look, easy accessibility and storage

One of the key benefits of a 20’x20′ island style trade show display is visitors can access the booth from all four aisles. Brand messaging is also viewable from every angle, both inside and outside of the space.

The Siena display design also includes two impressive, overhead bridges with recessed LED lighting that meet in one corner. The Trade Group even included a lockable storage room in that corner, so exhibitors can safely secure valuables and supplies.

The Siena display can be customized into a one-of-a-kind, branded space

As with most any exhibit in The Trade Group’s METALLI line, the Siena island display design offers endless options for customization. Exhibitors can choose to:

  • Leave some aluminum exposed or conceal it with fabric and/or printed PVC.
  • Opt for backlit fabric graphics on the end pillars that support the bridges for that extra WOW factor.
  • Feature product displays, demo stations, kiosks with video monitors or iPads, graphic panels or semi-private meeting spaces inside the space.
  • Add a reception counter where sales reps can greet guests.
  • Include traditional trade show flooring (carpet, vinyl, interlocking pieces, etc.) or create a wayfinding experience with our printed flooring options.
  • Add the large, branded, fabric, hanging sign that spans the perimeter of the display so attendees can find the booth more easily.
  • And more!