Trans-Lux Shows its “School Pride”

Trans-Lux-SchoolTrans-Lux Corporation announced it was selected to provide state-of-the-art, high-resolution TL Vision LED displays to the NBC television show “School Pride.” The show follows the renovation of a different public school each week, and most recently Trans-Lux TL Vision LED Displays were installed at Needles High School in Needles, California. The renovation also included a new woodshop, concession stand, and new classrooms, among other updates.

The Needles Scoreboard included an easy-to-read game information display, which measures 112-by-224 pixels and has electronic team names, sponsor signage, and a field identification sign. A new Trans-Lux LED digital marquee was installed in front of the school, as well. John Alfino, a Trans-Lux sales channel partner, performed both installs.

This is not the first time Trans-Lux has been tapped by the program; previously, Trans-Lux provided Enterprise Middle School in Compton, California with a multi-purpose scoreboard.

“We were onboard with this project immediately because we know how pride and school spirit can work to positively drive a student body and a community,” said J.M. Allain, president and CEO, Trans-Lux Corporation. “Trans-Lux is proud to be chosen as part of this effort.”