Trotec Laser Inc., is now offering products from its materials line on The company’s online Web shop will remain indefinitely as the most comprehensive source for purchasing Trotec materials, however customers can now enjoy the convenience of this additional purchasing option.

Launched in February of 2017, Trotec’s materials line includes more than 2,000 high-quality, competitively priced materials, including laminates, acrylic sheets, wood panels, and laserable paper designed for laser and rotary engraving. Products are available in several colors and with a range of surface finishes, for a wide variety of applications, including indoor and outdoor signage, illuminated displays, ADA signage, print-and-cut applications, and more. Several of these products are now available on Amazon, including the TroGlass acrylic product line, all varieties of wood panels, and select laminates from the TroLase product line.

The addition of the materials business unit has enabled Trotec to provide its customers with a complete range of support for their businesses—including laser equipment, materials, and expertise—in a convenient and unique single-source solution. The company’s Web shop, in addition to providing convenient online purchasing, offers support and convenience geared toward customers and businesses currently using a laser—including applications support, volume discounts, and tips and tricks for improving laser processing results.

Meredith Newman, director of Marketing & Consumables, explains that the benefits of selling on Amazon are two-fold: It is a way to stay connected and visible across the industry and a way to provide a new convenience to a diverse and growing customer base.

“We want to build relationships across the industry,” says Newman, “not just with our customers, but also with entrepreneuers and individuals from a number of different markets who may not yet be familiar with laser processing.”

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