Twenty-five Percent Off Purchase Price of Any DisplayStudio Digital Sign System

Roland DGA has announced a limited-time offer that allows sign shops to save 25 percent on the purchase of any Roland DisplayStudio digital sign system. Those interested in taking advantage of this special promotion, valid through December 31, 2014, can purchase the system of their choice at the Roland DGA online store (, or through an authorized Roland dealer.

Roland DisplayStudio is a complete turnkey digital sign system that makes it easy for sign shops to create new revenue streams by introducing traditional print customers to digital signage.

Effective, affordable, and user friendly, Roland DisplayStudio lets you integrate digital signs with printed output to maximize the impact of point-of-sale materials, retail signage, event graphics and range of other applications.

A choice of “Digital Sign in a Box” (including media player, software, monitor, HDMI cable and mounting hardware) or “Bring Your Own Display” (all components except the monitor) systems is offered to suit varying customer needs.

Dynamic templates, specially designed for use with Roland DisplayStudio, can be downloaded for free from the Roland DGA website, making it quick and simple to create animated digital signage using a Web-based interface.

For more information on Roland DisplayStudio and the different system options available, visit

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