Wireless Ronin to Implement Digital Signage With Ford

Wireless-Ronin-PicWireless Ronin Technologies announced it is one of three providers that will offer a digital signage solution to Ford Motor Company’s Ford and Lincoln dealerships. Wireless Ronin and Alteris Group have teamed up to create Alteris Group Powered by RoninCast® to offer Ford and Lincoln dealerships with a service menu board solution. Alteris Group, LLC is a marketing and learning company delivering a wide range of support services including video and digital media for digital signage platforms. 

“Ford Motor Company needed brand consistency and messaging and sought this through a digital signage solution,” said Tim Connor, co-owner of Alteris Group. “Combining Wireless Ronin’s robust RoninCast digital signage solution with Alteris Group’s marketing and service expertise created the perfect combination for Ford to optimize their branding and messaging efforts. The result is Alteris Group Powered by RoninCast.”

Wireless Ronin will provide hardware, software development, content engineering, training, solution implementation, and support and hosting through its 24/7 customer support center. Alteris Group is a supplier to Ford Motor Company and will provide Ford with its sales and marketing experience to approach Ford and Lincoln dealerships with a service menu board solution.

“Ford Motor Company wanted to allow each Ford and Lincoln dealership the flexibility to display key pricing information while maintaining corporate control of the primary advertising messages in each dealership,” said Wireless Ronin President and CEO Scott W. Koller. “Alteris Group powered by RoninCast is the ideal solution for Ford Motor Company because it facilitates both flexibility and control, to address Ford’s needs. We are excited to work with both Alteris Group and Ford Motor Company.”