YKK Fasteners Make Signage a Snap!

YKKThe SNAD snap fastener components product line by YKK Snap Fasteners America (YSU) works great for mounting many different types of signs including neon, exterior and interior office, entrance, neighborhood, and millions of other signs. 

These fasteners have a unique dome shape, and they come in either an automotive grade of plastic or a flexible base silicone. They also contain a pad of 3M™, VHB™ acrylic conformable foam adhesive on their underside, which enables them to stick to most any surface without having to drill a hole.  Installation is a snap!  All one must do is simply clean the surface to which the snap is to be applied, peel off the protective paper backing, position and firmly hold the snap in place, and release.

The plastic snap fasteners and the flexible base silicone adhesive snap fasteners can be used together.  The plastic snap fasteners are designed to stick to flat surfaces, while the flexible base silicone adhesive snaps work best on convex and concave surfaces such as the inside and outside of a metal tube.  The flexible base silicone snaps also attach to layered surfaces where different levels of framing come together.  The result is a clean, simple and quick installation of a sign or banner without damaging what’s underneath the sign. Removing the sign is just as easy with the clean-up taking just minutes to accomplish.

The plastic snap fasteners are incorporated into a 40 mm diameter low-profile, plastic dome, while the flexible base silicone adhesive snaps are incorporated into a 25 mm diameter low-profile, silicone dome.  Both the plastic snap fasteners and the flexible base silicone adhesive snap fasteners can also be used in many other applications including materials handling equipment, RVs, ATVs, golf carts, awnings, promotional displays, and tradeshow exhibits.

YKK-extraThe plastic and flexible base silicone snaps’ snap on/off lifecycle exceeds that of hook and loop closures. And since there are no moving parts, the snap action is more consistent over thousands of connections than conventional metal snaps. SNAD fasteners are also available as either a stud or socket, and they come in black, white, gray, or custom colors.