Survey: Designers and Resizing Graphics

Designers Resizing Graphics
Designers Resizing Graphics
Survey results.

Santa Cruz Software, a global leader in software development for cross media content publishing, has announced a survey that shows designers struggle with the repetition of redesigning graphics for various sizes, for instance when creating ads for various ad networks or social media platforms. The survey of over 350 designers found that 51 percent delegate this task to someone else, while 43 percent of designers are stuck resizing graphics on their own. For those who handle the task on their own, 85 percent struggle with their resizing process, and 22 percent find their resizing process extremely frustrating.

Designers spend significant portions of their time—in some cases, most of their time—redesigning multiple graphics for a single project or campaign. For those resizing images, 76 percent spend at least 20 hours weekly resizing graphics—with over half (52 percent) spending at least 30 hours.

As to why they are spending so much time resizing, the scope of their projects may be to blame.

Nearly 9 in 10 (87 percent) designers typically create at least four graphics for a single project, including 33 percent who typically create at least seven.

For the designers resizing images, 96 percent say an effective responsive design tool would be helpful. Additionally, three in four (75 percent) say that a responsive design tool would have a big impact on their job, including 34 percent who say it would be life changing.

The survey found that designers recognize the problem. Over 90 percent of designers believe there is room for improvement in their process of redesigning graphics for different dimensions.

“We understand that designers are spending a lot of time doing monotonous work that prevents them from focusing on creative aspects of being a designer,” said Santa Cruz Software CEO Mark Hilton. “Our team is working on a new solution that is going to radically reduce the time designers spend redesigning graphics for various digital marketing and social media campaigns. We’re very excited to make this announcement in the coming months.”

When asked about the kinds of graphics they are creating, 75 percent say social media ads, 59 percent say display ads, 59 percent say social media graphics, and 42 percent say website graphics.

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