Colorado Town Residents to Vote on Wayfinding Signage

Commerce City, Colorado city council members proposed a wayfinding signage project recently, and citizens can vote on it.

Options of signage design for residents to select in the Commerce City Wayfinding Signage Survey. Credit: Photos courtesy of Commerce City via Commerce City Sentinel Express.

Commerce City, Colorado city council members have proposed a wayfinding signage project in hopes of building community pride and maintaining the city. But that’s not the whole story—they want to make sure the town’s residents have a say in the matter.

“Initial conversations brought up this idea of wayfinding signage as a way of helping community members and visitors not only navigate the city but do so in a way that strengthens and adds to our sense of identity,” said Travis Huntington, Community Relations Manager of Commerce City in an email to La Ciudad, a newsletter for Commerce City Sentinel Express. “It helps people experience the community in a more meaningful way and brings out the character of the community at large.”

Pennsylvania-based graphic design firm Merje Designs is leading the wayfinding signage project for the city. The firm is comprised of wayfinding experts who have implemented similar sign packages in Asheville, North Carolina; Austin, Texas; Tampa Bay, Florida and more. The firm adheres to an all-encompassing definition of wayfinding, which includes brochures, murals, art installations, sidewalk art, underpass artwork and more.

“We think of wayfinding from a holistic standpoint,” Merje Designs’ John Bosio told Commerce City council members during an October 23, 2023 meeting. “We think about it in lots of different layers of information.”

Commerce City is relying on Merje Designs to not only help citizens and visitors navigate the city in an aesthetically pleasing way, but they believe this project can increase everyone’s knowledge of the city’s history and build pride in the community, the Commerce City Sentinel Express reports.

Currently, residents can vote on three separate colorways of the new signage on the city’s website. The options include laser-cut images of soccer players, nature, outdoor life and more. The survey is in both English and Spanish as Commerce City has a significant Latino community.

Do you think local citizens should be involved in signage branding decisions? Or should it be left up to the experts?