Piedmont Plastics Announces Tru Vue as New Supplier Partner

Tru Vue

Piedmont Plastics® expands its product offering with the addition of the revolutionary TruLife® acrylic product from Tru Vue. Piedmont Plastics is excited to bring in new supplier partners and products to help our customers find the right solution.

Introduced in 2014, TruLife is an acrylic product developed specifically for face/second surface mounting or direct printing on the substrate. Its anti-reflective, 99 percent UV blocking features allow for the highest-resolution viewing experience by enhancing color and detail, while shielding the damaging effects of UV exposure. Unlike other acrylic products, TruLife is abrasion-resistant and anti-static, making it ideal for a variety of applications and environments.

“As the leading provider of high-performance and specialty glazing, Tru Vue® carefully considers what companies to partner with to provide our products to customers,” said Jim Hayes, vice president of sales at Tru Vue. “We chose to work with Piedmont Plastics because of its exceptional reputation and focus on quality, which aligns with our own high standards and company values.”

The print/mount side of TruLife acrylic is made of Optix DA by Plaskolite, Inc., providing optimal adhesion of UV curing inks without adhesion promoters, and is engineered for permanence. Piedmont Plastics offers TruLife in 48-by-96-inch sheets in 3.0 mm and 6.0 mm thicknesses.

“We are excited to work with Tru Vue and privileged to have been selected as their distribution partner,” said Brett Thompson, Sign and Graphics Market Manager for Piedmont Plastics. “Piedmont and Tru Vue share many core values, which made this a natural fit. Tru Life is an amazing product we are eager to take to market. The optical characteristics of the sheet, coupled with exceptional printability, provide a high-quality solution for demanding applications. Tru Life is an important arrow in our quiver, and we are thrilled with the feedback thus far.”

For more information, visit www.piedmontplastics.com and https://tru-vue.com.