New Nekoosa Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper

Nekoosa Transfer Paper
Snowboards created with Nekoosa Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper.

Nekoosa announces the launch of Nekoosa Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper, a new paper for the transfer of sharp, high-definition color images onto both hard and soft surfaces such as metal, wood, ceramic, fabric, glass, fiberglass, and more. Nekoosa Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper is compatible with all major dye sublimation printer brands designed with water-based ink systems.

“Nekoosa’s Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper is setting a new standard for print quality and durability in the industry. With ecommerce driving corporate and consumer demands for personalized products across various sectors, the need for short run, high-definition printing with added versatility has never been more critical for growth,” says Rita Gibson, Product Manager at Nekoosa. “Engineered for durability on both hard and soft surfaces, [these] papers deliver printed designs that are resistant to wear and tear, fading, peeling, and other forms of degradation.

“This level of durability guarantees long-lasting results, making it the ideal choice for printing professionals to deliver exceptional results quickly and efficiently.”

Nekoosa Transfer Paper
Images and text can be transferred onto soft surfaces like fabric.

As a part of the Nekoosa Promise™ portfolio, this new print media is paper-based and 100 percent recyclable, aligning with Nekoosa’s commitment to offering sustainable products. The portfolio offers print media solutions that reduce environmental impact without sacrificing quality, performance, or affordability.

$5 Nekoosa Bucks are also available in Nekoosa Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper. Users can collect Nekoosa Bucks in select rolls of the new product and wide format print media year-round and redeem them online for a gift card of their choice.

Nekoosa Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper is sold through paper and sign supply distribution channels throughout the United States and Canada. A free sample pack is also available.

—Press Release