ClipsShop CSBUR-1 Hand Press Gets New Two-step Die and Alignment Fixture

The ClipsShop CSBUR-1 Grommet Press is a hand press designed for curtain eyelets and tarp grommets that now comes with a new two-step die and alignment fixture to improve productivity. Introduced by of Dighton, Massachusetts, the ClipsShop CSBUR-1 Grommet Press is engineered with magnified force to provide the leverage needed to apply large size #12 (40 mm) eyelets and features a new two-step cutting and setting die for greater productivity. Coupled with the new Large GrommetSniper and adapter, users simply load the material once and uniformly locate the distance between the eyelets.

Eliminating the need to handle material multiple times, the ClipsShop CSBUR-1 Grommet Press with the new two-step cutting and setting die is suitable for a wide range of materials and applications using #7.5 (1” I.D.), #8.5 (1-1/8”), and #12 (1-1/2”, 40 mm).  This hand press measures 16.5-by-6.25-by-15.75 inches and can be used free-standing or bench mounted.

The ClipsShop CSBUR-1 Grommet Press including the two-step die is priced from $595.00 (list) and the Large GrommetSniper™ is from $141.95 (list). Dealer inquiries are invited.

For more information about the ClipsShop® CSBUR-1 Grommet Press, call (508) 802-6024 or (508) 821-3637, email [email protected], or visit