Bank Finds Watchfire Digital Signs are an Asset


Orrstown Bank, headquartered in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, has been serving the community for more than a century. With nearly $3 billion in assets, Orrstown Financial Services, Inc., the parent company of Orrstown Bank, is one of the largest independent community banks in the region.

Five of the bank’s locations have installed exterior digital displays manufactured by Watchfire Signs. The bank also has a network of twenty-three interior LCD displays in branch lobbies throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Recently the bank’s marketing department began using Watchfire Ignite OPx to program and manage the messages on all these displays. Ignite OPx is a Cloud-based content management software that makes it easy to upload, create, schedule and publish professional-looking content across display networks.

“We wanted all of our signs to be tied to one platform without a monthly fee, and Watchfire provided that with OPx,” said Tina Brookens, marketing graphics specialist at Orrstown Bank. “Switching to Ignite OPx was seamless and quick. As soon as the players were connected they were live, with no troubleshooting needed.”

Using Ignite OPx, Brookens is able to customize each display to promote products and services applicable to individual locations, including home equity lines of credit, checking and savings accounts, and lending solutions. Displays also can be tailored to introduce key team members at specific branches, announce local awards and recognitions, highlight local nonprofit events, and promote specials unique to each market.

“Because we’re able to customize our messaging, we can direct clients to the right person to reach in their area for loans, mortgages, and more,” Brookens said. “Working with OPx helps us schedule messaging in advance, remove it quickly when needed, and easily update content.”

Ignite OPx also allows Brookens to be more efficient by making small changes to content so it can be used on both interior and exterior signs. “We keep some of our messaging the same to reinforce our brand and directive, and we also like the ability to customize content from our exterior signs versus our interior signs.”

Orrstown Bank worked with Strickler Signs of New Oxford, Pennsylvania, to design and install their exterior signs and network them with the interior displays.

“We like specifying Watchfire because the displays are more reliable, and the software and tech support are superior,” said Ray Wenger of Strickler Signs. “The OPx software has built-in diagnostics that allow us to troubleshoot issues from our office and loop in Watchfire, so we know what parts we need before we go onsite.”

—Press Release