CoStar Group Upgrades Irvine Office with Ultra-Fine-Pitch LED Displays

CoStar Group, a leader in online commercial and residential real estate marketplaces, added several ultra-fine-pitch LED video display systems to its Irvine, California, office. The newly upgraded space provides a cutting-edge digital platform for conducting online commercial real estate auctions and negotiated bids.

SNA Displays manufactured all of the digital displays from its BRILLIANT™ Interior line of LED video technology.

Digital displays in the reception area.
Reception Area

The reception area’s unique digital display integration gives visitors their first taste of the new innovative technology at CoStar Irvine.

The lobby centerpiece is primarily artistic, with a sleek, modern design featuring ten vertically oriented 1.2 mm LED screens of varying, staggered heights, each suspended between wooden columns.

The ten-display setup portrays artistic and mood-setting content.

The auction house floors are arranged like command-and-control centers.
Auction House Floors

CoStar’s office includes two large auction house floors arranged like command-and-control centers.

SNA Displays built a pair of sixty-foot-long, three-sided LED video walls for the auction floors, where staff monitor and analyze online auctions.

Each of the immersive displays are 6-feet-8-inches tall and 59-feet-6-inches long, turning at 90-degree angles to provide an immersive experience for viewers.

With a tight 1.2 mm pixel pitch, each auction floor display system has a resolution of 2,160-by-12,960 pixels and processes a total of 23.5 million pixels.

Each display is capable of showing content that spans the entire three-sided canvas or can be segmented into various content streams and visuals.

Displays in the auction area.

Between the two auction areas is another video wall—an ultra-high-definition screen that employs an incredibly tight 0.9 mm pixel pitch. At 6-feet-8-inches tall and 11-feet-by-10-wides long, the 4K LED video wall processes 8.3 million pixels.

Building the digital alcoves on either side of the center video wall required precise installation, giving the room the look and feel of a command-and-control center with screens enveloping desks and providing multi-input data streams to manage online auctions.

The configuration promotes a highly collaborative work environment and provides enhanced data visualization for multiple teams working with many data streams simultaneously.

Between the two auction areas is another video wall.
Processing All That Data

The backend for the LED display systems at the CoStar Irvine office includes SNA Displays equipment, Analog Way processing, and ~sedna playback technology.

“The requirement was to drive two enormous 2,160-by-12,960 LED walls independently, as well as a center UHD LED wall,” said Seth Teates, senior regional sales manager at Analog Way. “Each screen needed a full-resolution native background layer and up to eight 4K layers on-screen at once.

“The mission-critical, reliable processing of the Aquilon C+ processor was ideal for this scenario, and masterfully installed by SNA Displays’ engineering team.”

The display system employs Creator, ~sedna’s content management system offering a versatile platform for ensuring seamless playout results.

Additionally ~sedna provided three Media Engine 8K media servers, which provide frame-accurate and high-quality media playouts.

The displays are proving to be an immersive experience.

“Analog Way’s processors and ~sedna’s playback technology works in perfect unison with SNA Displays’ onsite diagnostics, providing full operational overview of all systems deployed,” said Pat Green, vice president of systems at SNA Displays. “These partners have demonstrated through years of engineering and success stories to be the best suited for this command-and-control environment, ensuring 100 percent uptime during operation.”

Combined, the CoStar Irvine LED display systems process more than 58 million pixels.

—Press Release