Keystone Introduces UL 924 Certified Tube with 5 CCT

UL 924

UL 924, Underwriters Laboratories’ Standard for Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment, requires numerous qualifications for full compliance, including a baseline level of illumination, ninety minutes of emergency lighting, and ensuring a permanent installation that cannot be easily tampered with or accidentally removed.

Keystone Technologies’ new DirectDrive T8 Emergency Backup LED Tube meets those qualifications. In fact, it’s the first true fully UL 924-compliant emergency tube with 5 CCT.

Though some products are UL Certified, there are different forms of UL certification.

UL 924 certification requires that a product go through specific and rigorous testing to guarantee its adherence to UL’s specific safety and performance criteria. Non-compliant products may pose risks during emergencies, failing to provide adequate lighting or malfunctioning altogether.

For example, if an emergency lamp requires replacing and a contractor replaces it with a standard lamp, it’s now lost its emergency capability—something that occupants may not be aware of until there’s an actual emergency. The temporary nature of the new lamp means it no longer meets UL 924.

Keystone’s Emergency Tube has a ninety-minute minimum illumination duration, and Keystone driver quality ensures consistent performance, providing peace of mind to building occupants and owners alike.

It features five selectable CCT outputs. The 14.5W tube produces up to 2000 lumens in standard mode and 500 lumens in emergency mode. It also complies with UL 1598C and California Title 20.

—Press Release