Canon Solutions America’s COLORlynx Color Management Suite Secures the Idealliance G7 System Certification

Canon Solutions America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc., has announced that the COLORlynx Color Management Suite has received the G7 Certified System designation from the International Digital Enterprise Alliance (Idealliance), a not-for-profit membership organization and the leading certifier of skills, systems, materials, and facilities requiring state-of-the-art media production. Idealliance’s G7 System Certification program evaluates the ability of a software system to calibrate a printing device to meet the G7 grayscale definition, certifying that the systems meet or exceed established industry tolerance for excellence.

With this certification, the COLORlynx Color Management Suite is recognized as Canon Solutions America’s first cloud-based G7 system certified solution for electrophotography.

Developed in collaboration with CGS Publishing Technologies International, the COLORlynx Color Management Suite includes COLORlynx Standard and COLORlynx Profiler. The G7 System Certification illustrates Canon Solutions America’s continued commitment to helping customers achieve consistent, accurate, and repeatable color output and helps to strengthen CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH (CGS) and Canon Solutions America collaboration to offer exclusive color management solutions to Canon Solutions America’s customers.

Canon Solutions America is proud to include COLORlynx Standard with every new Canon imagePRESS C10000/C8000, C850/C750 digital press with PRISMAsync and Fiery controllers. COLORlynx Profiler is available to any imagePRESS customer and provides a greater color management control for customers regardless of their choice of equipment, and uses the same wizard-driven approach as COLORlynx Standard.

Drawing on the idea that digital press calibration should be a simple procedure that every operator can execute, Canon Solutions America developed the COLORlynx Color Management Suite with a simplified end-user interface and enhanced imagePRESS targets making it easy for customers to maintain color quality in their production.

One of the key concepts of G7 is the idea of having a calibration target to achieve predictable print results, which allows for a much easier match from proof to print and across disparate technologies and substrates. The G7 Curve Connect feature of the COLORlynx Color Management Suite enables users to calibrate in minutes using a unique, wizard-driven procedure from a standard web browser. COLORlynx calculates G7 correction curves directly, simplifying the calibration process and simultaneously establishing a measurable and uniform color management process.

A number of recent advancements were key to the certification of G7, Idealliance’s industry-leading set of best practices for managing gray balance. Pivotal among these is the new G7 Curve Connect feature, which enables process colors to be curved to meet certified G7 standards, producing gray balance and tonal characteristics defined by the G7 specification. With this capability, users of ORIS Lynx now have independent verification of CGS technology for facilitating consistent, repeatable color across jobs, presses/printers and processes.

COLORlynx Standard requires no additional investment in software or hardware, and enables the average end user to achieve the highest level of G7 compliance for quality and color consistency.  Because it is easy to use, customers are able to get their digital presses up to color in a short period of time, helping generate revenue potential with more print time per day.  COLORlynx Profiler uses the same methodology, and supports a wider range of print targets and additional color settings, including the ability for customers to use house targets in their workflow. The COLORlynx Color Management Suite allows any Canon Solutions America customer to easily enjoy the benefits of G7 in their workflow, regardless of their choice in printing equipment.

“Since the 2006 launch of the G7 methodology by Idealliance, CGS has created innovations to build G7 into the print workflow. The COLORlynx process of cloud-based G7 calibration ranks as a key development in furthering the evolution of our industry’s leading print quality and validation program,” commented Cory Sawatzki, director of Digital Printing Technology at CGS Publishing Technologies International, LLC. “In winning G7 System Certification, CGS has achieved a further significant milestone in its quest to keep pushing the boundaries of quality assurance for print providers worldwide. The aim of CGS is the development of powerful proof and workflow software solutions to color manage every step from prepress to print production. Consistently and seamlessly producing repeatable color, day after day, is a core need of our customers. They need to be able to trust the tools that they use—this G7 Certification is a powerful endorsement of our own efforts here at CGS and the benefit of peace-of-mind to our customers.”

“We are honored that Idealliance has recognized Canon Solutions America and COLORlynx with G7 System Certification. This distinction demonstrates our commitment toward providing solutions that can help users achieve more print time per day, through fewer make-up prints, easy re-prints, and fast proofs,” said Naoki “Mike” Sannomiya, senior vice president of Marketing, Enterprise Services and Solutions, Canon Solutions America. “Calibration is the foundation upon which good digital print output quality is built. As technology and standards in the industry advance, we expect COLORlynx’s G7 Curve Connect to increase the accessibility of G7 calibration for printers using digital presses and decrease barriers to achieving the highest levels of G7 compliance for users. This accessibility will empower even small print shops to keep up and adapt quickly, raising the bar on consistency and quality, all in as little as five minutes.”

Established in 1985, CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH, Hainburg, Germany, is a world leader in color proofing, productivity, and production systems for the professional graphic arts market. Headquartered near Frankfurt, CGS also has operations in the Americas, as well as sales and support partners throughout the world. More information can be found at

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