Delcam Webinars on $149 ArtCAM Express Artistic CADCAM

Delcam will hold two webinars demonstrating the latest version of its ArtCAM Express artistic CADCAM software; the first on 13th August and the second on 17th September. Registration forms for both events are at

The same Web page also has links to recordings of previous webinars on ArtCAM Express held earlier this year.

ArtCAM Express offers 2D drawing, over 600 free pieces of relief clipart, and 2D and standard 3D machining functions — all for US $149, £99, or 125 Euros. It provides an ideal introduction to computer-based manufacturing for companies and hobbyists involved in engraving, routing, and signmaking, or other areas of decorative metalworking and woodworking. A range of modules are available to add extra design and machining functionality.

Functionality to be highlighted in the webinars includes powerful tools for the editing of vectors and new options for the creation of more complex 3D designs.