Via ABC 12

Some North Carolina school kids have worked hard to protect their local wildlife with signage. As April came to a close, the island beach town of Emerald Isle introduced new signs designed by environmentally conscious elementary school students, a local news source reports.

The signs feature children’s drawings of wildlife that contain warnings about damaging the dunes, leaving trash behind and respecting the native fauna. Sand Ridge Elementary students were learning about nesting coastal birds and wildlife, and decided to do what they could to protect their local environment.

Via ABC 12

The town of Emerald Isle shared this message on their Facebook page:

“Today was a special day at The Point on Emerald Isle, as we gathered with the bright students from Sand Ridge Elementary School for a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The occasion? Celebrating the installation of new informative signs about our nesting coastal birds and wildlife, created by the students themselves!

These young environmentalists have worked hard to research and design signs that educate beachgoers. Their dedication to environmental conservation is truly inspiring!

… As you visit The Point, take a moment to check out these informative signs.
Let’s continue to protect and respect our coastal wildlife.”

Via ABC 12

The signage will stand out to beachgoers who visit The Point for years to come. It’s great to see the community and the youth realizing the power of signage!