Epson Reveals New Color Management Tool

Auto Chart Reader accessory and Edge Color Lite software work with company’s SD-10 Spectrophotometer.

Epson's new Auto Chart Reader accessory

Epson recently released a new Auto Chart Reader accessory and Epson Edge Color Lite software designed to extend color management capabilities for Epson SD-10 Spectrophotometer and Epson Edge Print users.

The color management workflow creates color profiles and quickly verifies and calibrates color, saving time and resources by avoiding reprints due to color inaccuracies.

Recently announced at the ISA International Sign Expo in Orlando, Florida, the Auto Chart Reader provides automated color chart measurements when paired with the Epson SD-10. The accessory helps users quickly achieve precise, consistent and repeatable color regardless of changing print conditions. It also has a compact, portable design and fits easily in an included travel case.

Designed to control color better without much expertise needed, the Auto Chart Reader can assist in creating ICC profiles for color accuracy. It verifies color and calibrates profiles over time to help maintain print quality over the printer’s lifetime. The portable accessory automatically detects chart position and media thickness for simple operation. It’s also compatible with media up to 13 mm thick, including textiles, vinyl, acrylic and plastics.

The Auto Chart Reader includes Epson Edge Color Lite software. Together these products quickly and automatically measure charts, auto-detect chart position and media thickness, create ICC profiles for virtually any media (aqueous, solvent, resin, UV, and dye-sublimation Epson print technologies), and verify existing profiles, avoiding costly misprints due to inaccurate color.

Compatible with Epson SureColor printers that run Epson Edge Print, the Auto Chart Reader will be available in Fall 2024.