Fulham Announces Groundbreaking HotSpot Plus All-in-One LED Driver and Emergency System

Fulham Co., Inc., a leading supplier of lighting components and electronics for commercial and specialty applications, today announced the availability of its new HotSpot Plus™ All-in-One LED Driver and Emergency System. Combining a dimmable LED driver, emergency LED driver and replaceable backup battery, the HotSpot Plus delivers a complete LED emergency system in a small, efficient and cost-effective package that completely eliminates the need for a separate emergency system.

The new system has been developed to meet the needs of commercial builders who are increasingly being asked to meet new state and city safety requirements for more emergency lighting in new construction and retrofit projects. The industry’s first-of-its-kind system is faster to assemble, features new battery technology that delivers more cycles and longer life,
and can be programmed for use in a broad array of fixtures. These features provide luminaire manufacturers with greater inventory flexibility and the ability to deliver products more rapidly.

“Fulham is committed to helping its customers remain successful as they compete in a rapidly evolving and growing marketplace,” said Russ Sharer, vice president of marketing and business development for Fulham. “To that end, our product development goals are to create new products and solutions that are intelligent, programmable and connected. Products such as the HotSpot Plus meet those goals and help our customers to stay ahead.”

The Fulham HotSpot Plus functions as a 40W constant current LED driver during normal working conditions, delivering from 250-1400mA of current. If a power outage occurs, the system automatically engages an integrated LiFePO4 6.4VDC backup battery to maintain the availability of current, delivering 5W of power for 180 minutes or 10W for 90 minutes.

The HotSpot Plus system can be programmed to deliver current in increments of 1mA with the Fulham SmartSet programming platform. Users can program the driver via the handheld TPSB-100 SmartSet Controller or the feature-rich SmartSet PC Software. The SmartSet system also includes a one-touch, auto-program feature for fast, efficient programming of multiple units.

To provide users with maximum flexibility, the HotSpot Plus is available in two formats, compact (6.29 inches-by-3.0 inches-by-1.10 inches) or linear (9.5 inches-by-2.4 inches-by-1.34 inches), and can be installed easily with only two screws. Advanced features include: an illuminated test switch, self-diagnostics and a user-selectable emergency power level.